I knew I would grow to like A$AP Rocky the very moment his palm connected with Rihanna‘s booty during the 2012 MTV Video Music Awards. Simply put, I have a thing for hood dudes and can be rather hood myself (looks up definition of sophisti-ratchet). Perhaps that is why I find his song “No Problems” so intriguing. That or it has a great beat with my favorite rapper (besides Jay-Z) Drake on it. “F**kin’ Problem” is the kind of song that comes on in the club and takes the party to the next level, I would know… Last weekend, when the DJ dropped the infectious beat during a visit to Club Katra in NYC, every man, woman, bouncer and bartender broke into either a two-step or full-fledged twerk.

Women may find themselves in an odd position when it comes to this song though. “I love bad b**ches” that’s my f**king problem,” raps 2 Chainz. The catchy chorus is enough to send women to their ankles, but wait, “Who you calling a b***h?” Then Drakes part comes on and you forget your previous thought. Let’s not even mention how hot Kendrick Lamar’s part is. I found myself defending the tune and my adoration for it.

Well, here’s my defense (key word–“MY”):

Reason 1: “Bad B**ches” is used as a term of endearment.

Bare with me. The word b**ch used to be used primarily as a derogatory term to classify women as spiteful and overbearing. For this particular song, it has been modernized and given an adjective that actually praises the female race for being beautiful and sexy rather than lewd. A bad b**ch is a Hip Hop’s compliment. And women love compliments…

Reason 2: Drake & Kendrick Lamar’s verse

Let’s face it, Drizzy laces every track with which he comes in contact. He did with “Pop That” and we’re seeing it again with “No Problems.” From the second his mezzo-soprano (mostly alto) voice rides the beat, it’s clear what kind of night it is going to be! Kendrick’s suave 16 seals the deal. “Yeah h* this the finale,” raps Lamar.

Reason 3: A$AP Rocky’s braids

Is it me or is A$AP Rocky’s braids always neat and freshly twisted? As an 80s baby, I imagine that’s how Kriss Cross wanted their hair to look…Hmm

Reason 4: The video

I particularly love the visuals behind “F**king Problem” because where the director could have gone off the deep end, possibly showering women with dollar bills, he chose a tame amount of dancers who kept it sexy not slutty. Shout out to the vixen with the flat bottom. Represent girl!

Reason 5: I just do!

Sometimes it’s just that simple! Chris Rock understands:

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