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The ladies of “Basketball Wives: LA” have officially left the building, well at least LA, as they headed to New Orleans for their annual girls vacation. Malaysia decided that it was time to switch it up and do something for charity which included helping to build houses for those affected by Hurricane Katrina. Although they went to the Nola for a good cause, the drama followed them (as it does everywhere they go) and even in the midst of doing charity work, the girls were still at each other’s throats.

Check out some of the highlights below:

Laura’s Birthday Party

Before heading off to New Orleans, Gloria planned a surprise birthday party for her sister Laura that included a spa day for all of the ladies and late night partying. All of the girls were invited to attend, including Bambi who was still a little upset with Gloria for calling her out as the “freshman of the crew” on last week’s episode. While the ladies were getting dolled up, Bambi decided that it was the perfect time to tell Gloria that she wanted to slap her the last time she saw her. Although Bambi claimed that she was saying it as a joke, Gloria immediately went on defense mode (but I mean, who wouldn’t) and told Bambi to bring it on. Bambi, representing Compton, stepped back in Gloria’s face, and the two got into a heated argument, which ended when the birthday girl, Laura, had enough and decided to end the party. Way to go, Bambi.

Brooke & Draya Go For Round 10 In New Orleans

Things with Brooke and Draya still weren’t resolved the trip to New Orleans only made things worse. On the way to their hotel room, Brooke confronted Draya for the umpteenth time about not attending her magazine celebration, and being a selfish friend. Draya had enough of Brooke and told her, “You keep digging at something and I don’t know what you want me to say!” I think it may be time to just let this one go. I don’t think these ladies will ever be friends again, or were ever true friends in the first place for that matter.

Gloria’s Big Reveal

Before Gloria and her sister Laura could sit down for dinner, the girls fired off with questions concerning Gloria and Matt’s alleged wedding. Gloria confirmed that the rumors were true and that she and Matt eloped. All of the ladies were very happy for Gloria except for Bambi who was still upset over their fight at the spa a couple of days prior. “I wasn’t really interested in being a part of her celebrating,” Bambi told cameras before walking out of dinner to spend some time alone at the bar. Malaysia, being the peace maker this season, walked out after Bambi and explained to her that the reason all of the ladies were on the trip in the first place was to give back, and that even though her and Gloria had their fight, they should still try to get along for the time being. Eventually, Bambi got over it and returned to the table, only to find that Brooke and Draya had brought up the King Magazine shoot AGAIN and started arguing over who was a true friend. If I’m tired of hearing about this topic, I can only imagine how the other ladies must feel, and apparently Malaysia and I were on the same page because she left the dinner early and the night was ruined, again.

Night On The Town

After a long day of working and building houses, the ladies decided to get drunk and party on Bourbon street, this time leaving the Govan sisters and Bambi behind. Of course, the night wouldn’t be complete without a little gossip about the other girls. Bambi revealed that Gloria had allegedly been around the block a couple of times with a few men that she was close with. Jackie and the rest of the crew was shocked to hear the news but it didn’t take long for that to wear off and start flashing some of the other party-goers on the street. I hope these girls party it up because on next week’s season finale, it goes down!

What did you think about this week’s episode?

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