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If you’ve been watching “RHOA” you know that NeNe Leakes‘ ex-hubby Gregg is trying to win her back, but what you don’t know is why they broke up in the first place. In her new cover feature for Ebony, NeNe Leakes claims it was Gregg’s wandering eye that caused them to split.

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She tells the mag:

“It hurt me to file for divorce, but I had to see it through. I let him know you’re going to be my husband and you’re not going to be somebody else’s anything, but if you plan to be somebody else’s anything, then we can’t be together,” Leakes reveals. “Gregg needed to feel what it was like without me. I wanted to let him see if the grass was really greener on the other side. He brought his a** back, because the grass is very brown over there.

NeNe confirm the divorce actually took place and that they’re back together:

“Not only have we divorced, but we are back together as a couple. This is our new normal. I’m telling you, TV is a beast. It will make you do s**t you never thought you’d do.”

And will we see the couple walk down the aisle for a second time? Gregg says:

“Stay tuned. How do you know I haven’t already?”

Here’s hoping they make it work this time around.

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