HB’s 5 Star Treatment is a quirky, off-the-wall way to get to know a few of your fave celebs outside of the questions they are usually asked. From breakup remedies to moments of lust, #TeamBeautiful digs deep and gives your fave celebs something to think about with our 5 Star Treatment.

Dawn Richard will always hold a special place in my heart. The New Orleans-born and bred star got her start in front of us all on Diddy’s “Making The Band.” We watched as she dealt with the pressure of working with a boss who never sleeps, girl group that never gets along and she handled it all with poise.

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That’s probably why Dawn has been able to be successful after Danity Kane and Dirty Money’s demise. I can’t wait for the release of her album, “Goldenheart” on January 15, 2013. We will get a taste of the girl who wants to turn R&B on its head with elements of soul, funk, trip and hip hop. We sat down and chatted with Dawn about love, breaking up and more. Check out our Five Star Treatment below.

*If I was stranded on a desert island I’d bring… A lighter, a saw and a net. I don’t need anybody. I would bring these things because that assures that I can eat, have fire and chop down sh*t if I needed to.

**How do you express your love…through music.

*** The best way to get over a breakup...Liquor, chocolate and the best friend you have to talk sh*t about the dude that broke up with you. [laughs]

**** The one thing that I don’t like about myself…I love everything. It’s all ugly and beautiful all at the same time. I have bad, angry days and I need every one of them.

*****My last moment of lustAlexander McQueen shoes I saw in a window that I clearly couldn’t afford. [laughs]

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