Republican Iowa Representative Steve King said in a debate against Democratic Representative Christie Vilsack that he didn’t want to sign off on Hurricane Sandy relief funds unless there is a specific plan in place on how the money will be spent. His exact and insulting words were:

“Can you imagine in the middle of a disaster to ask for appropriations for mitigating future disasters? That’s why I said no on that second round of appropriations for Katrina … because they spent it on Gucci bags and massage parlors and everything you can think of — in addition to what was necessary.”

Yes, you read correctly, King voted against the bill in 2005 that was set to give Hurricane Katrina victims $52 billion in aid against future disasters. How coldhearted could you be? King continues, “Sometimes you have to take lumps, but you have to do the right thing.”

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The right thing. Interesting choice of words there King. King’s opponent, Vilsack countered King’s stance, by assuring the public:

“I hope that he will show the kind of kindness that Iowans do when we take care of people and when we have a disaster here as we have in past years with flooding. How can we expect people to come in and take care of our disasters if we’re not willing to come in and take care of theirs?”

What the heck is in the Republican Kool-Aid? Across politics, it seems the GOP is setting the standard of being ignorant, heartless and self-important. It’s insulting that a rep would even let that slip from his lips. Black folk have negative stereotypes working against us.

I know exactly what King means. I’ve seen it myself–Black folk win the lottery and the first thing they buy is a fancy car, clothes, shoes and the like–things that depreciate as soon as you sign the receipt. However, that has nothing to do with relief money that nine times out of 10 was used to help Katrina victims better their circumstances. When you think about it, you can’t control what people spend money on anyway.

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