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Oh The Houstons. Slaps forehead.

I knew before tuning into “The Houstons” reality show that it was going to be a train wreck, so I braced myself by taking a shot of cognac first. I soon found out that me and Bobbi Kristina have that in common… Only her drinking habit, is quite different from mine. Surprisingly, I made it to the end of the Lifetime show in one piece but seriously questioned the dynamic of the Houston family. Then again, I am not rich or living my life in the scope of millions of people. It makes you wonder just how screwed up in the head is Bobbi Kristina. She just lost her mother, doesn’t seem to have the greatest relationship with her father and is allegedly about to marry her brother. Good Lawd.

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In case you missed it, here’s the five most important points:

-We’ve been hoodwinked. The show isn’t as much about Bobbi as we though it would be. The 19-year-old had little screen time during the first episode.

-Whitney Houston’s sister-in-law Pat is the family matriarch.

-Nick Gordon is creepy.

-Cissy Houston has no control of anything.

-The set-up/ introduction was 6 minutes of morbid funeral footage.

It’s like a car crash, but you just can’t look away.

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