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You heard us right ladies (and perhaps gentlemen), there’s some juicy stories on from girls who let drake hit it. Apparently he’s smooth, chill and knows how to work the middle.

Groupie #1:

he picked me up and took that to the bedroom (again spotless) laid me down slow and told me “Get ready to ride the pony express.” I can’t lie that was a corny ass line, but by this point I was completely enthralled.

Groupie #2:

His stroke game is on point and he likes to talk dirty, not super nasty, but just enough to let you know he knows what he wants.

Groupie #3:

Then I thought I can’t break up a happy home, and I ask him isn’t your girlfriend Bria Myles, he’s says no that was a Lil fling but its way over now . So I say ok, let’s get it.

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Word? Most of these girls seem to think that Drake is the best they ever had. So, we have to ask…would you holler?

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