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UPDATE: Drake Declares His Love For Rihanna

We’ve got video from one of Drake’s shows where he says “I love you” to Rihanna on stage! Tune in at the 2:18 mark to hear the confession:

So what do you believe? Is there something going on between the two?????

UPDATE: Drake Responds To Rihanna Rumors

After the rumor surfaced that he’s been tongue lashing Rihanna at strip clubs, Drake called into a radio station to clear up the rumors.

The rapper said Rihanna is not a side-piece (as we know he has a girl) and he’s honored that someone would think of him to start this rumor. Can we say his career is about to go through the roof?

Listen below:

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Check out all the celebs who showed up to the festivities last night to congratulate Rih Rih on reaching multi-platinum status:

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