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Eve took a stance behind hip hop newbie, Azealia Banks in a recent interview with The Well Versed.  When asked if female rappers could hold their own against men, Eve brought up the beef between Banks and T.I.

Banks had been involved in a feud with T.I. after exchanging insults with his newest protege, Iggy AzaleaEve mentioned T.I. and his beef with Banks in her response to the male vs. female question.

The ‘illest pitbull in a skirt’ had this to say:

“Absolutely! Half the dudes that are out are wack. Lyrically, a lot of them aren’t saying much of nothing, and there’s a lot of females who are definitely saying a lot of things. Definitely, I’d get at any dude, any day of the week. I could care less,” she said in an interview. “I mean, I get it, T.I., that’s just his personality anyway. I think it’s funny, but at the same time, I wish a dude would say something like that to me. You know what I mean? And at the end of the day – its just all ridiculous – yes, a chick can definitely come at a dude. That’s so ridiculous.”

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Interesting that Eve has an opinion on Banks or T.I. considering the last album we heard from her was in 2002 when she left the game to pursue her acting career. But, at least there’s one on the way! Check out what else Eve had to say about her upcoming album!

The Well Versed: What’s the name of the new album?

Eve: It’s still going to be Lip Lock.

The Well Versed: Dope name. What’s the concept behind it?

Eve: Basically Lip Lock means being lyrical and locking down the game again lyrically. And I just love the way it sounds. It’s kind of sexy, kind of edgy, but for me it’s more about just being lyrical and locking the game back down through lyrics.

The Well Versed: Can you talk about some of the exciting features or producers that we should be looking to hear on the album?

Eve: Definitely. I got a chance to work with a guy named Claude Kelly – who is just amazing and has written records for some of the X-Factor people – so his style is really big. His hooks are really big. But then he worked with another producer named Jon-John and the drums are just crazy. So I got a chance to work with them, which was really amazing. Obviously Swizz did something on the record. I worked with this kid named Jukebox who did a record – one of my favorite joints on the album – called “She Bad Bad.” Snoop is on the album – on a song called, “Mama in the Kitchen” – and Jill Scott is going to get on the record so it’s a nice record. I’m really excited about it.

The Well Versed: Nice. Do you know when the release date is?

Eve: It will be next year, but obviously, you’ll hear singles at the end of the year.

Read the rest of the interview here.

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