We are really hoping and silently praying that this tattoo of a gorgeous Hispanic woman, on the leg of Chad “Ochocino” Johnson, is not of Evelyn Lozada…looks again…Oh Lord, it is!

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The former NFL star was arrested for allegedly head butting his soon-to-be ex-wife, Evelyn Lozada, on the night of August 11. She filed for divorce days later.

Clearly, Ochocinco is trying to win back the woman he once laughed with but It’s a long shot. In a recent interview with “Nightline” she revealed that Chad needs help.

She explained the alleged night in detail, saying:

“He got upset. He just….he came a whole other person and he was like, “I didn’t– I didn’t do anything. You’re accusing me.” And then the next thing I know, he– he grabbed me by here and he headbutted me. And all I felt was, you know…I felt, like, you know, blood coming down my face.”

Here’s a closer look:




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