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Last night, we said goodbye to this season of “Single Ladies” and of course our girls didn’t let us down on the drama! Oddly enough, as this season ended, each of the girls started on a new journey that left us confused and giving a few side eyes.

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Morgan seems to be on a roll lately, and as soon as the episode opens she falls right into the arms of a stranger named Kassem. When her shoe breaks, he offers to fix it, and Morgan is already smitten by this handsome gentleman right off the bat.

Keisha and Sean are still not on speaking terms after she decided to go and bail Malcolm out of jail instead of going to Miami with him. Keisha’s tried to text Sean and apologize to him, but he doesn’t want anything to do with her. He’s obviously very hurt, but Keisha isn’t trying to worry about Sean’s problems too much right now when she has a huge real estate conference in Phoenix to worry about.

April is preparing for her big move to New York with Reggie. The girls all go to Raquel and Keisha’s apartment to have one last gathering before April leaves. Raquel is extremely emotional at the girls’ last get together. Not only is she losing her close friend, April, she’s just realizing that she really does love Charles, and she let him walk out of her life and into the arms of another woman.

Raquel must have super powers or something because as soon as she thought about Charles, he shows up at her door. Although Charles isn’t there to sweep Raquel off her feet as we all were hoping, he’s actually got some exciting news. He’s landed a huge advertiser for his company and he’s throwing a big party to celebrate, and wants Raquel to be in attendance because his girlfriend thinks that it would be a good idea. Raquel is devastated when she realizes that Charles only wants to be friends with her, so she tells Charles that she will think about attending his party.

After Charles leaves the apartment, Keisha receives a text message from her stalker filled with pictures of Keisha’s whereabouts to prove that whoever this person is has been following Keisha around town. Keisha turns to the only person who she knows can help her, Winston.

Morgan, on the other hand, is having the best week ever. Kaseem has turned out to be a real gentleman, and he takes her out for dinner after sending her a package of new shoes to replace her broken shoe. Morgan instantly feels like Kaseem is out of her league, and when she finds out that Kaseem is MARRIED, she’s officially turned off. SMH. After Morgan confronts Kaseem about his marriage, he reveals that he is married and has three wives, and wants Morgan to be come his fourth and final wife. “Is this reality?” Morgan asks. Morgan objects saying that they barely know each other, but he tells her to trust his instincts because he knows that she’s the one! Wow.  Who would have thought that Morgan would be the one to get proposed to at the end of this season!?

Raquel decides to attend Charles’ party but brings Antonio along for her date. When Antonio is introduced to Charles, Antonio does a good job making it seem as though Raquel and him are dating. After meeting Charles’ girlfriend and seeing their interaction, she figures that it’s probably best that she leave their relationship alone, and let it be.

After the party, Charles’s girlfriend comes into the boutique to visit Raquel and tell her that she’d feel much better about her relationship with Charles if he had the chance to make a choice between the two women. She tells Raquel tat the next move is hers, and encourages her to tell Charles how she really feels. Weird, right? “I did NOT see that coming,” Omar says, neither did we, Omar.  While Raquel is pondering on whether or not to tell Charles how she really feels, Keisha decides for her, “Girl, please. Go get your man”.

While Keisha is preparing for her conference in Phoenix, Malcolm shows up and tells her that he’s left Taylor and wants to make things work out with her. Keisha tells Malcolm that she’s now with Sean, and Malcolm walks away angrily. What a great way to begin her real estate presentation.

April heads to Reggie’s house to meet with his mother for dinner before their big move to New York. What’s shocking to April is that his mother is actually happy to see her and following their horrible run in earlier this season, I think we’re all just as shocked. When they sit down to dinner, things just get weird. Reggie’s mom hints that she wants Reggie to be honest with himself, his family and with April and reveal his secret, that he’s GAY! April looks at Reggie in shock, and Reggie looks around as if he’s confused, shocked, afraid and angry. Hate to say that we didn’t see that one coming.

After Keisha returns home from her conference, she has a Skype date with Sean when her stalker appears in her apartment! Turns out that the stalker is Sean’s ex,  Veronica, who jumps on Keisha and attacks her! The two of them wrestle for a good while, breaking glass, tables and chairs, until Malcolm, Winston and Sean arrive to try and break up the fight. Now, Keisha has a decision to make, after she asks all the guys to leave except Sean, she tells him that they’re relationship is over, and she realizes that she’s meant to be with Malcolm. Of course this is great news to Malcolm, and the two of them decide to go away and restart their lives together. What a happen ending for this couple.

Raquel finally gets up enough nerve to tell Charles the truth about how she really feels, and after running through a random marathon, she reaches him right before he heads off to the airport. She tells him that she loves him!

What will happen next? Will Morgan marry Kaseem? Is Reggie gay? Does Charles love Raquel back? Season three, we’re ready!

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