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OMG GirlzHave no idea what to get for your fashionable team when you go back to school shopping? No to worry! The OMG Girlz have you covered!

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Beauty, Baby Doll and Star sat down with us and chatted about what they need for back to school, how to get your crush to notice you, their favorite school memories and more. Check out our exclusive interview with the three bright-haired beauties below.

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What are your must-haves to go back to school?

Star: I usually like to have a lot of different new shoes like Jordans and some type of wedge. I can always throw different outfits from last year together. I love different accessories like big earrings, bracelets with rhinestones from Betsey Johnson. I like anything that’s cute when it comes to jewelry. I like Gucci and all the stuff we talk about in the songs. I like really cute purses, not necessarily name brand. I usually use a shoulder bag something to put my books in, in a variety of colors.

omg girlz star

OMG Girlz (Star)

Beauty: I really like flowy shirts and skirts. I like Jordans. I kinda shop for winter stuff too, so maybe a nice Northface jacket.

beauty from OMG girlz

OMG Girlz (Beauty)

Baby Doll: I love carrying my supplies and books in a Hello Kitty bookbag. I like to be very comfortable in my clothes, so an overall jumper and a lot of sweatpants are my go-to items. I always need lipgloss and chapstick, because you can’t have chapped lips.

omg girlz baby doll

OMG Girlz (Baby Doll)

Do you miss school?

Star: We did have a moment when we missed school. But then we all got really busy and we stopped missing it. It was like it wasn’t even there anymore, but it was in our schedules. We all got to experience high school and go to prom and stuff in the 9th and 10th grades. That was pretty much when we came out. Our big brothers and big sisters took us to school functions so that we could have the opportunity to experience it. And we still get to talk to our friends from school. We missed having a teacher in front of us all the time. We are home schooled now. Sometimes we miss our friends but not actual school.

What was your favorite memory when you were going to school?

Star: My favorite memory is just being with my friends all the time. I loved getting your schedule, seeing who is in your class and everything in the beginning.

Baby Doll: I am a die hard football fan, so I loved the games. I used to go to the big games and the rival games. I am a Panther to the heart.

Beauty: Some of my teachers made my favorite memories. I really liked my Language Arts teacher, Social Studies and my Math teacher.

What are your most embarrassing school moments?

Beauty: Once when I was in the 6th grade, it was like the second week of school, I was walking down the hallway and it was a guy I liked and I tripped and I fell in the middle of the hallway. Everybody was laughing at me. I was so embarrassed. I started crying in front of everybody.

Baby Doll: I was walking up the steps in the middle of the gym to go up to the stage. I walked in and I fell. I get up real fast and I just play it off.

Star: It was in high school and I got in trouble with one of my teachers. And I wasn’t in his class and he came and got me. He was screaming at me making it bigger than it was. People were walking by, laughing.

Have you ever had to deal with being bullied?

Beauty: It’s a terrible thing. I feel like if someone is being bullied, never be afraid to tell someone even if you feel it’s not cool or no one will like you. Say something before it’s too late.

Who is your celebrity crush?

Baby Doll:  Channing Tatum

Star: Big Sean and Chris Brown

What tips would you guys give girls your age that have crushes on guys? How they go from having a crush to getting a boyfriend?

Star: I always say just go to school and dress fly. Your confidence is always what makes you cute. Don’t act crazy. Just be yourself. Just be chill. Don’t try to do to much when you’re around the person you have a crush on.

Do you guys feel as though you are role models? And who are some of your roles models?

Beauty: I definitely see us as role models to young girls. They look up to us. First they see the colored hair and then they want the colored hair. They get to know us and they’re like, ‘Wow I wanna be like her when I get older.’ My role models are my mother, Raven-Symone and Beyonce because I really like how Raven-Symone is a really great business women and Beyonce is a really, really great artist.

Baby Doll: My role models are my mom, then my grandfather. And also I love Beyonce and her work ethic is amazing! She keeps herself humble.

Star: My role models are my mom, my grandmother, my grandfather, my uncle and my sister.

How does it feel to be so young and in the spotlight?

Star: We love being in the spotlight. It’s something that we always wanted to do from the beginning. We have videos of us singing when we were little. It’s what we love to do. It’s not a job for us. We are just doing what God gave us the talent to do.

Anything you want to add?

We are working on our album ‘Officially Misguided,’ it drops October 2nd. We actually had a studio session last night kinda finishing up some songs. We are also going on tour at the end of the month. We just wanna say we love our fans so much. They are our first priority. We like to make them happy. And doing things for them first. We put them before us. We are getting ready to bring out our 3rd album. They help us make this album. And it’s just all for them. We are a big team. We love Team Omg Girlz!

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