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tamar novacaine coochieThe moment we’ve all been waiting for is here, The Braxtons have returned! We’ve picked up right where we left off from last season. Tamar is still on the fence about whether to have a baby or not. We all know Tamar to be a little self-centered, so It’s hard to imagine her actually WANTING to have a child, but it’s clear that Vince wants to start a family, so Tamar is actually considering the idea.

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She heads to Atlanta to begin fertility treatments since she’s unable to have a child the natural way. Once she begins treatment, she’s excited but also very tired. She’s not too happy that she has to go through way more than what she expected to have a baby. According to Tamar, she thought she would “hit it, smack it, and rub it down oh no here come the baby,” but apparently it’s not that easy. Tamar is also concerned that becoming pregnant will take a toll of her music career, so she thinks that the best option would be to take her sister, Towanda up on her offer to carry her baby.

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Towanda is still willing to carry Tamar’s baby, but she first has to talk to her husband, Andre, about the situation. Andre isn’t sure about this idea because he’s worried about what they will tell their own children. He’s also mad because he thinks that Towanda’s family hasn’t been supportive of him and his kids before. He thinks that he’s always being used and then, he’s upset that Vince will be looking at Towanda’s vagina during the birthing process. Great visual.

Mama Braxton is doing great since last season. She’s started a life coaching business, and she empowers women to learn that there is nothing greater than God. She’s doing great with her new venture, but her love life is still at a standstill after she canceled her wedding with Doc last season. They’ve found a way to work together on her new business, while she works on people’s mental issues, he works on their physical. Doc still wants to be with Ev romantically, however, Ev still wants to take things slow and not be involved with anyone right now. I’ve always liked Doc for Mama Ev. Hopefully they’ll work this out!

Toni is still looking to find new background singers and dancers since she decided to part ways with her sisters last season. She gets all of her sisters and her vocal coach, Terrence, to help her find new talent. One of the girls who’s auditioning chooses to sing Chaka Khan instead of a song by Toni, which was a dumb move. Of course, she gets the boot! Toni finally chooses a group of girls and meets with them for rehearsal but they aren’t what she expected. But come on, Toni, it’s only the first rehearsal, give the girls a break!

Tamar finally has a conversation with her husband about having her sister carry their child. Vincent doesn’t like the idea too much, especially that their child might be connected to Towanda’s hubby, Andre. OUCH! They think that a surrogate mother is probably the best idea, even if they don’t have Towanda carry the child. They plan to have meetings with possibly surrogate mothers and then decide from there. Tamar has one specification–she needs to be from “Tribe Ugly.” Do you think a surrogate Is the best idea for this couple?

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