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Spike Lee’s “Red Hook Summer” is a beautifully written film about a young man from Atlanta who was sent to Brooklyn to spend the summer with his grandfather who is a God-fearing, Bible-waving preacher. Lee sets the movie up so that you believe you’re watching a young man come of age who gets to meet his grandfather for the first time and the lessons he’ll learn in Red Hook’s summer heat. But that’s not the case!  I won’t spoil it, but there is a controversial twist that makes for a brilliant movie moment.

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During “Red Hook Summer’s” New York City premiere, we got a chance to catch up with Lee’s wife Tonya, his daughter Satchel, stars of the film, Jules Brown and Nate Parker & more. And because of the summer theme of the film, they all shared their fondest summer memories. Check them out below!

Laila Ali:

“My biggest summer memory is… you know, my parents were divorced and always getting ready to visit my dad for the summer and seeing all of my sisters and brothers there.”

Tonya Lewis Lee:

“I used to go visit my grandparents down south, you know. So this is sort of the reverse of that. Going down south and staying with my grandparents on a hot Virginia summer.”


“I was a tennis player growing up, summer was about being out there in the heat, training, going to tournaments and being out…four or five hours against some kid. And you’re like, ‘I’m not gonna drop before you do.’ So we’re sweating like crazy and I’m like, ‘Cool, I’m with it.’”

Jules Brown:

“My first family vacation.”

Satchel Lee:

“Well, we used to go to Martha’s Vineyard a lot. We don’t do it so much now because we’ve got so many things to do. But, we used to go to the Vineyard all the time, and spend most of the summer up there.

Nate Parker:

“Aw, man. Probably, um, the $2 pool from the dollar store with my little cousins when I was like, four, in the projects.”

Debra Lee:

“Oh man. Hanging in the park, riding around and just hanging out and having fun. I don’t get to do that much anymore.”

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