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Frank Ocean‘s been rumored to have stepped one foot out of the closet in his latest album “Channel Orange.” Because of Ocean’s mixtape, “Nostalgia, Ultra,” he’s gained a fair following. Now Odd Future’s resident crooner is making headlines for using the word “him” as opposed to “her” in several of the songs on “Channel Orange.”

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According to Max/BBC 1 Xtra, Ocean’s honesty and vulnerability on songs like “Bad Religion,” “Pink Matter” and “Forrest Gump” is refreshing and admirable. Ocean hasn’t confirmed whether his Luther Vandross-esque usage of “him” in love songs is proof that he is indeed bisexual or even curious.

Ocean’s done this before in other songs, like, “We All Try–” he’s said:

I believe that marriage isn’t

between a man & woman

but between love and love

So I decided to check out Frank’s tweets to check to see if he’s ever given any clues that he’s interested in men and I came up with five tweets that make you say, “hmmm?” Check them out below!

Not to stereotype gay men, but they usually are the types that care about off-the-wall fashions, so…

Crossover sex symbol, you say. Too easy.

Grinding mattress. Wet dream? I wonder what was in the dream?

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This was tweeted after Max/BBC 1 Xtra claimed Ocean was attempting to come out via song. I wonder what’s changed? And is he not scared of the press outing him?

We’ll never date and that’s cool? Is Frank referring to the bevy of women that throw themselves at him on a regular never standing a chance with him, because he’s not interested?

Are you believing these bisexual rumors about Frank Ocean? Let’s discuss on Twitter @Rhapsodani.

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