The Kim Kardashian Diet—sound like a good title for a book? Kim should get into the diet game. In March 2012, Kardashian shared her weight-loss secrets with Us Magazine, explaining how she dropped six pounds in seven days. Her method for keeping trim: healthy eating and exercise. Interestingly, she didn’t mention QuickTrim, the diet pill she and her sister Khloe have been endorsing since 2009. In 2012, the Kardashian girls were named in a $5 million lawsuit by a group of dieters who claim the product doesn’t work as advertised.

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Dishing on her non-chemical diet, Kanye West’s girlfriend told Us that she runs early each morning on the treadmill and follows that up with strength training or Pilates in the evening. What’s more, Kim cut gluten, dairy, and sugar from her diet. While the reality TV star, model, actress, and socialite is usually pegged at 125 pounds, Kardashian was looking especially skinny in the spring of 2012, so her fitness regimen must work.

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Kim’s dieting routine may have been a way of dealing with her messy divorce from NBA star Kris Humphries, who she wed in August 2011 and split with in October, a mere 72 days later. Even though Kim is dating Kanye, the 31-year-old starlet was feeling plenty of residual stress from the dissolution of her marriage, as Humphries was reportedly seeking $7 million.

“I’m so ready, emotionally, for this to be over,” Kardashian told Us.

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