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Rihanna’s haircuts are a lot like life: unpredictable and eternally changing. Keeping track of Rihanna‘s hairstyles is daunting work, and over the years, amid color shifts from brown to black to blonde to red (and back again), the Bajan beauty has tried out countless hairdos—everything from long and luxurious old-school Hollywood looks to short and spiky punk cuts.

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Rihanna haircuts are well documented online, and the site TheHairStyler.com displays more than two-dozen of Ri’s finest follicle moments. The gallery is a dizzying blur of curls, up-dos, bobs, bangs, asymmetrical Flock of Seagull-esque comb jobs, and even a sweet pompadour. The less said about her frizzy, bright-red Sideshow Bob cut the better, but even when she looked like a “Simpsons” villain, our girl pulled it off.

Credit for Rihanna’s haircuts may belong to Ursula Stephen, the “We Found Love” singer’s longtime stylist. Over the years, RiRi has certainly kept Stephen busy; between November 2010, when she dyed her hair bright red, and August 2011, Rihanna reportedly changed her hair color 13 times. During that stretch, she paid Stephen nearly $23,000 per week, according to various sources.

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Stephen commands $3,300 for her services per day, and given how intently the Internet hangs on Rihanna’s every new hairstyle—they’re second only to her tweets in terms of drumming up publicity—she may well be worth every penny.

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