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“I realized there were no real quality portraits of women with natural hair. I was looking to do something different and thought I could have something really special with this project,” 25-year-old Boston photographer Glenford Nunez said of his his latest endeavor, “The Coiffure Project.” The project started as a collection of cell phone photos of Nunez’s assistant’s natural locks, Nunez expanded the project with black and white and color photos of women he hand-picked for their personal style, light and of course their natural hair.

Natural hair is making a huge comeback since the 70’s–when women like Foxy Brown made the afro the “it” hairstyle. Now, more and more black women are allowing their hair to return to its natural texture and Nunez found beauty in that, but didn’t see natural women properly represented in art.

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In an interview with Huffington Post, Nunez explained that he had no idea the aesthetic of natural hair was so popular. “People have thanked me for what I’m doing for natural hair and black women, but I genuinely had no idea. It’s a super awesome feeling though. Now that I know about the movement. I’m hoping this project will really bring the beauty of natural hair to the forefront.”

We’re hoping so too because this is just the love that natural black women need in order to gain the confidence to rock their natural kinky/coily/curly tresses. This is an ongoing project, so you can be a part of it too. If you would like to be a part of “The Coiffure Project” please email cd@typBaltimore.com with recent photos.

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