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Owner – Goodtime Girl Entertainment

Owner – Tina Farris Tours

Bachelor of Arts in Sociology – UCLA

Masters of Arts – Marriage, Family and Child Counseling – Antioch University, Los Angeles

Previous Job Experience:

French, Spanish and Leadership High School Educator – Compton High School and

Sacramento High School

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Opting for a path less traveled, I reached out to Tina Farris, owner of entertainment powerhouse companies such as Goodtime Girl Entertainment and Tina Farris Tours to get an in depth look into her non-traditional path in her work place.

Tina, can you briefly describe your day to day activities and responsibilities as owner of two successful entertainment companies?

My goal is logistics. It’s my job to obtain and pass on information. I contact bus companies, agents, band members, artists, travel agents and my employees to make sure all tours are being executed.

What advice, if any would you give those seeking to become Managers in Music Industry and, specifically, looking to land a “major” client ?

I didn’t start this career landing a “major” client. I started as a groupie. I love the music of The Roots. I followed them all around the world. One day, they asked me to stay. So I gave up my job in Compton and joined the circus–being with one group who then rose to being a major client, led me to new clients just starting, like Jill Scott or D’Angelo. That led me to major tour managers who hired me like Alan Leeds, which led to Maxwell. Those three under my belt led me to Queen Latifah, which then led me to Fergie, which led me to Lil Wayne. The relationships with those two groups led me to the Black Eyed Peas and then Nicki Minaj. You connect the dots from there. However I didn’t show up on Fergie’s doorstep one morning wanting to be her tour manager. She was still in Wild Orchid when I started. It’s really a process; more of a wave to ride. That’s why I like to surf.

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What are the major challenges in your role as Manager and what solutions have you deemed best to handle these challenges ?

Major challenges are pleasing everybody, or at least trying to. Groups on the road are a system. You have the artist and you have band and you have crew. I’ve been on the bad side of all of them and the good side. It ebbs and flows and you have to be the patient one in the middle who rolls with the punches.

What challenges, if any, do you attribute to being a female in this industry ?

It has always been my opinion that sexism is a bigger demon than racism or any ISMs out there. You have to prove yourself over and over again and stop people from taking advantage of you over and over again. You can also use your feminine wiles to get through all of the flagrant attacks on your character. It’s a tiresome game but, no one told me to jump into a man’s business, so I take it as it comes and I dish it out when i need to.

What would you contribute your level of success to ?

I’m personable. I’m generous. And I love to have a good time.

Any advice for younger colleagues ?

I’d say go to your local club and ask to be the merchandise person or find a group of your own and start going through the motions to get them noticed. Make an album, make a video, make a Youtube channel. With today’s technology, there are endless things you can do and you never know who’s watching and who may pick up a phone to call you. Sure it’s a big chance, but you’re more likely to get a break if you have something someone can see. You can’t stay behind your computer waiting for it to happen, you have to make it happen.

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