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In Melissa Butler’s world, lipstick isn’t just makeup, it’s the ultimate fashion accessory. Her passion for painting the perfect pout gave birth to The Lip Bar, a company with the mission to impact the cosmetics industry with bold colors and quality products created with natural ingredients.

“Through our highly pigmented lipsticks, we aim to encourage self-expression through beauty. Our aim is to color outside the lines, in other words create colors that are shunned and non-existent in the mass market,” says the Detroit native. “Most people think that lipstick should only come in reds, pinks and nudes. We are dispelling the silly idea that your lips should only be painted in a few hues that are acceptable to the average eye,” Butler says.

Butler’s rebellious attitude and background in finance gave her the motivation she needed to launch her company last month. In just a short amount of time, the burgeoning entrepreneur has already been featured on websites like Edge magazine, The Fashionbomb Daily and more. Despite not being a chemist, Butler says that her determination and a year of experimentation and research have helped her create a solid product.

“I overcame my obstacles by believing in myself and praying. I am so grateful to have an awesome team of friends and family to keep me grounded,” says the self-proclaimed product junkie. “I keep pushing because I am now an inspiration to others.”

Butler still currently holds down her 9-5 in New York City but she is steadily building her empire so that her company can reach the full potential she has in mind.

“I haven’t quit yet but it’s in the works because the longer The Lip Bar has to compete with my time, the longer it will take to grow,” she says. “I see the Lip Bar being one of the most sought after cosmetic brands on the market, so I’m going to focus on the one thing I’m passionate about and give it my all.”

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