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Boy oh boy, who didn’t see this coming? Mama Ev is still struggling with her wedding plans, and even grabs a few cocktails to cope with all the stress. I guess dealing with the Braxton girls + Tamar’s loud mouth is enough to cause ANYONE to grab a drink, or three, and enough to make a woman go insane. Let’s back up and figure out how this all came about.

The first sign of trouble was when Toni and Mama Ev went out for lunch. Mama Ev seemed more stressed than usual, and wasn’t the cool calm and collected Mommy that we all know and love. “If you don’t ask, I won’t tell.  This thing is about to drive me to drink!” Mommy tells her daughter. Hm..

Meanwhile, Traci is still trying to get her beauty salon, “Beau-leve” up and running and asks an investor a.k.a Daddy, to help her with the costs. Daddy however, doesn’t want to commit to investing in the salon without a business plan, a location and confidence in his daughter. Poor Traci, her and this salon just can’t catch a break! Eventually Traci realizes that she’s going to have to take matters into her own hands, because Papa Braxton ain’t giving up the funds!

Back in L.A, Tamar is learning how to deal with her and Vince’s new puppy which they’ve named Miracle. Tamar tries to put her foot down and set some rules for the new puppy, while Vince on the other hand takes the nurturing approach. Tamar tries to teach Miracle how to use the bathroom on the puppy pads, but the confused and frustrated Miracle clearly has a mind of it’s own, and just goes on the tile floor. “That ain’t hot and you know what? Everyone gonna call you the funky dog”. Tamar tells the puppy. Looks like Tamar has her work cut out for her.

The girls all meet back up in Atlanta to help Mommy with wedding dress shopping. Tamar’s keen sense of smell and little stomach bulge makes her sisters wonder if she has a little bun in the oven. Tamar quickly shuts those rumors down when she says, “You have to plant a few seeds to make a baby; grinding just won’t do it.” Well said.

Mommy’s indecisiveness causes the girls to think that she’s not ready to get married to Doc and that she really doesn’t want to. “If you don’t know what you want at your wedding, does that mean you don’t really know if you want to get married?” Tamar asks. Good question, and it definitely makes you wonder if Mommy Is REALLY ready to make that big commitment.

The girls get ready for the rehearsal, and after bickering and a heated discussion, the girls pull off a beautiful rendition of the “Lord’s Prayer”. They all come to the realization that Mommy isn’t ready to marry Doc for three reasons:

1.     She has made no decisions on her own about ANYTHING

2.    Doc hasn’t even made his list yet

3.    No engagement ring!

After these past few STRESSFUL days, Mommy meets with Towanda for lunch when she says, “Poof! No wedding!” and just like that, the wedding is off! (for now)

Why do you think Mommy called off the wedding to Doc?

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