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*Sigh* Kim Kardashian is getting on my ever-loving last nerve. I respect the hustle, but I just don’t respect her at all. According to OK! Magazine, Kim’s starting the adoption process as a single mother. Kim’s been obsessed with being a part of the domestic culture. She married because she wanted a fairy tale wedding and I believe part of the reason was to compete with her sisters.

Khloe’s happily married to Lamar Odom and Kourtney’s blissfully pregnant with her second child. And Kim…well, she’s just eternally single. Sometimes you feel kind of bad for her, but I believe Kim’s desire to adopt may be about more than her just wanting a baby. Here’s three reasons why adoption agencies should be a bit hesitant when processing Kim’s application.

1. Fame Monster

We all know Kim’s obsessed with fame. This baby would be a part of Kim’s reality show fame. E! would probably even give her a new show. I’m sure Kris would come up with a way to make money from this baby.

2. Self Absorbed

On an episode of Keeping Up With the Kardashians, Kim’s husbad-at-the-time, Kris Humphries had to remind Kim that she was married when they chatted about the plans on where they’d live. It was as if selfish Kim was only thinking of herself when she talked about the limited time she’d get to spend with her husband. It’s clear that Kim only has the capacity to care for herself. That poor child will be passed off to other family members and nannies and be placed carefully back in Kim’s arms for photo opps.

3. Baby Crazy

Kim can be classified as someone that is baby crazy. Women that are obsessed with having babies only think about babies as babies and they don’t think about the fact that the kid grows up to become an adult and that you’re responsible for guiding them up to that point. Kim, your baby’s going to grow up. Then what–you’re going to trade it in for a new baby?

What do you think of Kim K adopting a kid? Let’s discuss on Twitter @Rhapsodani.


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