Birthdays are such a special time in our children’s lives. They get so excited for their special day and so do we. Every day is a blessing. As I watch my daughter grow up and with the passing of each birthday it amazes me how much she has grown but also how much I have grown as a mother.

I remember when she was born how scared I was and how much I didn’t know anything about being a mother. And now as I look to the future and reflect on the past, I am humbled by how much I have learned and how much my daughter has learned.

Regardless of how many balloons we had or how big the cake was, it really didn’t compare to the new level of joy, understanding and growth that comes with each new year. It’s important to not lose sight of what is important in life as we might miss those road signs that will get us to the next destination. Stop and smell the roses and remember birthdays only come once a year. So enjoy them!

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