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On the brink of a breakdown from the wedding planning, Mama Ev turns into “bridezilla” while her and the girls do wedding dress shopping in Atlanta. It looks as if the girls are more excited about Mama Ev’s big day than she is, as Tamar demands champagne at the boutique and dismisses wedding gowns before they even have a chance to see them on. “Everybody knows that champagne goes with going to get your wedding dress. That’s, like, the best part of looking for the dress. They’re supposed to get you drunk and you buy a dress that’s completely out of your price range, DUH.” Tamar says, which I would definitely have to agree with. Mama Ev’s indecisiveness makes it hard for her to choose the perfect one, even though she looked stunning in every one she tried on!

The girls then go looking for a wedding venue in Atlanta and then head to lunch to discuss more planning. Mama Ev firmly tells her daughters that she wants NO bachelorette party, NO strippers and that her ex husband will NOT be invited, because she’s moved on. Mama Ev tells cameras, “I’m trying to stay relaxed. My daughters seem a little anxious about the wedding planning, and there’s no need for that. This should be a celebration.”

In spite of their mothers wishes, Trina, Towanda and Traci hit up the strip club to look for a potential place for their mom’s bachelorette party. “I had wieners and balls hitting my legs. Just sweaty balls.” SCARY! When Mam Ev found out, she is of course devastated! “That’s not fun for me. Lookin’ at naked behind men,” she says “That’s not fun for me! It’s one thing to see somebody walk like Denzel, but it’s another thing lookin’ at somebody’s hind parts.”

Meanwhile, Toni returns to Los Angeles and beings working on a new song. But here’s the catch. She’s working on this new song with her ex, Keri, who just so happens to be her producer as well. She explains that she wants to really make this new album her own. She tells cameras, “This album will be a little different than my past album. I think when you hear it, you’re immediately going to think, ‘Yea, this is classic Toni,’ but I’m going to give you a little twist. I think people are going to be pleasantly surprised.”

Back in NYC, Vince and Tamar are ready to head home but aren’t sure if they’re able to fly yet. Vince convinces Tamar that he needs a dog, and considering everything that Vince has been through, Tamar finally caves in and agrees to get a dog with her husband. They visit the pet shop and pick out an adorable black puppy. It was love at first sight for Vince and the puppy, although it took Tamar a little warming up too. Looks like this is the first step in building a family!!

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