Our favorite southern belles are still “making it rain” down in South Africa but seem to have the ability to put their differences aside (at least at the beginning of this week’s episode). Fresh off a visit to the African Orphanage, the girls head over to an African “Herablist” who tells them their fortune over a jar of remains from their “ancestors”. The “herbalist” explains the girls’ relationship life to them, telling NeNe that her husband is a good man, Marlo that she hasn’t found a man that truly loves her yet and Sheree that she is too old and probably won’t get remarried (ouch!). After leaving the African herbalist, the girls are feeling a sense of closeness to one another,  and bond over sex, drinks and food for a little “slumber party” in NeNe and Marlo’s room.

“It’s interesting that two people who don’t have anything in common can find out they have a lot in common when they talk about sex!” Kandi says about her and Marlo. The two of them seemed to be on the same page when they discussed their sexual experiences and exchanged tips on new positions.

Marlo made sure that she had all of her designer shoes, purses, belts and jewelry laid out for the girls to see, and Kandi made it a point to count out how many pairs of shoes Marlo brought along for their trip, (29 to be exact).

The good vibes don’t last long (per usual) when Cynthia brings up the obvious drama that’s in the room. This sparks a discussion about Marlo being a “label whore” and being very materialistic.

The next morning when the girls get ready for another Safari, Marlo doesn’t feel up to par to participate so the girls go on without her (except NeNe who’s decided to stay behind to take care of her BFF). While in the Jeep, the girls bring up Marlo again, and discuss how they are annoyed by her obsession with labels and how she brags about it every chance she gets.

When NeNe arrives, the conversation switches with Cynthia playing both sides of the fence, and NeNe defending her friend Marlo, but then bringing up the fact that Kim is the boss of the “smalls” and that they do whatever she says.

Of course, this conversation gets back to Marlo during dinner, and Kandi and Marlo have their choice words to each other about Marlo’s label obsession and Kandi’s “jealously”. I guess they agree to disagree because Marlo doesn’t apologize for being the way she is and says that she is going to wear these labels because it makes her feel good and doesn’t care what the other girls have to say about it.

Meanwhile, Sheree causes a little tiff between Kandi and Kim when she calls Kim and tells her that Kandi didn’t see Kim at an African orphanage holding little black babies. Kim is a little upset about this statement because she thought that Kandi was her friend and couldn’t believe that she was talking about her behind her back. Sigh.. now the smalls are being divided!

What did you think about this weeks episode?

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