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Sigh.. that poor Kimbella just can’t catch a break can she?! On this week’s episode Kim gets into yet ANOTHER fist fight with this new model chick, Erica, over her “overly sexy” ways.

But first.. Jimmy gets a new car after losing a bet to his partner, Juelz Santana (who made his first appearance on the show last night). Chrissy is NOT happy about his new purchase and thinks that he’s placing this car before her. But let’s be honest, the real reason Chrissy is upset about Jimmy buying a new car is because he’s buying tons of new toys but has YET to buy her an engagement ring, don’t you agree?

“I’ve loved him forever and it’s time to grow up..” Chrissy tells us about her man. She recruits her aunt and uncle to try and talk some sense into Jimmy because she’s reached her breaking point and is pretty much fed up with his bs. Sigh..

Now, enter the new girl, Erica Mena who’s a video vixen/rapper’s baby mama/model/reality star/and now a fighter. She first appeared on reality TV on one of the Kardashian shows as a Dash employee and not to mention she’s been in NY and Miami fashion weeks walking the runway (as she made very clear in this episode).

She meets up with Yandy for drinks and immediately starts going in on Kimbella and her “credentials” as a model. “B—es like that depreciate us,” Erica says about Kimbella and the cheap roles she takes as a model, making it hard for girls like Erica to find decent paying roles (these words came out of her mouth, not mine).

Although it seems to me that Erica and Kimbella have the same “credentials” (video girls, famous baby daddies etc), for some reason Erica thinks that shes up here and Kimbella is down there….

When the girls finally meet each other, Erica wastes no time in letting Kimbella know that she is not feeling her, that she is basically a nobody and that shes up here and Kimbella is down there.

A couple b-words were exchanged, glass was thrown and the next thing I knew, it was a full on brawl between Erica and Kim.

After about 30 seconds of hair pulling, scratching and kicking, security finally broke the ladies apart and Erica ran and called the police!!

Now, not only does Kimbella have a scratched up face and messed up pony tail, she’s also running from the police. “I’m completely mortified and disgusted with Erica,” Yandy says after the fight ends. Yandy, I think this is something we can all agree on. Does anyone know why they were fighting again?

SMH drammmmaa!

I guess Erica made her mark on this season…

What do you think about this week’s episode?

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