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Season two of “Braxton Family Values” has unfortunately come to a close, but luckily for us, we had one last look at our favorite sisters during their reunion special last night. Hosted by Wendy Williams, the “Braxton Family Values Reunion Special” was full of laughs, surprises and closure from all of the drama that occurred all season long. Wendy Williams begins the discussion by putting Toni on the spot. She reveals that she’s been working on new music, talks about her relationship with her ex-husband Keri and even talks about the possibility of not returning for another season. She says that reality TV is draining to her, and she wants to leave that up to the rest of her sisters. What’s “Braxton Family Values” without Toni? Hopefully she wasn’t serious!

After grilling Toni, Wendy turned to spotlight on Towanda and asked her about her relationship with Andre. Towanda shocks the audience by telling them that she and Andre haven’t had sex in TWO YEARS! Trina jokingly tells Towanda not to stand by a fan on a hot summer day, because she’s got cob-webs by now! Towanda says she still wants to make the relationship with Andre work, but her sisters think otherwise. I guess we’ll just have to see how that plays out next season.

Wendy then asks the rest of girls if they are jealous of Tamar because she’s the breakout star of the show. Towanda replies by saying that jealously isn’t in their vocabulary and that they area all very happy for Tamar. Wendy then says if theres anything to be jealous of Tamar about it’s the fact that she married rich and that she’s financially stable! Toni backs that statement up by saying that she would rather marry for money than marry for love, because you can learn to love everybody (not sure if I agree with that one, Toni, but to each it’s own).

Mommy reveals that she and Doc are now just friends, and that she is open to going out with other men. The girls are glad that she called off the wedding because as Tamar put it, one day she’s on and one day shes off it. I guess calling off the wedding was the best thing for everyone!

Traci is asked how she’s progressing and she responds by saying that she’s a work in progress and that she’s had a lot of growth this season. She is also asked if being labeled the “wannabe” offends her. She tells the audience that at first she embraced the title and took it as she wanted to be around her sisters, but now she thinks the title is a little offensive. I agree!

Trina announces that she has filed for divorce from her husband Gabe, but lets everyone know that they still raise her boys together. She also talks about her “oral transaction” and says that it was just something that she wanted to do at that time.

The reunion concludes with Tamar receiving an award for the favorite Braxton sister. Although Tamar is flattered, she said that she doesn’t want people to pick favorites out of the girls because she feels that each sister is equally as important as Tamar is. Gotta love these girls! Can’t wait until next season!!

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