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They say waxing your eyebrows is bad for you. Threading is useful once in a while, but I can’t deal with waiting for them to grow out enough to be threading salon-worthy. Therefore, I live for my Tweezerman tweezers. They’ve stayed trusty for four years, I haven’t had to sharpen them once, and, as a complete eyebrow freak, I think I know what I’m talking about.

My favorite tweezer brand has now collaborated with my favorite beauty emporium, Sephora, to create a limited-edition collection of the store’s most popular Tweezerman products. And, for the girliest of fans, it’s even in their best-selling color, bright pink, and has a name reminiscent of a beloved ’80s hit teen movie!

Everything in the “Pretty in Pink” collection is sold separately, but I think the entire collection wrapped up in a pretty basket would make a great gift for the obsessive groomer in your circle. However, it’s available for a super-limited-time only, so catch it now before it’s sold out. Hey – at least you’ll have one gift you won’t have to worry about when holiday season rolls around!

Slant Tweezer w/crystal, $20

Point Tweezer w/crystal, $22

Point/Slant Tweezer w/crystal, $25

Petite Tweeze Set, $25

10 X Mirror, $15

Pedro Callus Stone, $20

Safety Slide Callus Rasp and Shaver, $10

Deluxe Nail Clipper, $10

FileMate w/ Polka Dot file, $5

Nail Rescue Kit, $20

all available at sephora.com

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