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Even though they smell good, real Christmas pine trees can be a hassle. Fallen needles from the branches messy up your floor, and watering it to make sure it simply stays alive until December 25 can be tedious. Fake trees are just plain tacky and take all the spirit out of the holiday (besides, you’re not fooling anybody).

If you’re gonna go faux, you might as well go all the way…and be creative while doing so. Here are 7 alternatives to your traditional holiday tree.

The Cardboard Christmas Tree

This 3-ft. tree is made from recycled cardboard and comes with over 50 ornaments – in the shape of candy canes, circles and stars – that can be decorated as you wish and tucked into cut-outs – no metal hangers required! It can be folded flat and reused every year. The Cardboard Tree, $19.95

Wooden Cutout Tree

This 2-ft. tree is created from natural plywood and can create contemporary winter scenes in groups. West Elm, $23

House Christmas Tree

This 5-foot pixelated poster saves space, offers no clean up, and can be folded and reused for years to come. Atypk, $24.30

Vinyl Wall Art Decal Sticker Christmas Tree

This 6-ft tall decal can be applied to all smooth surfaces, including walls, windows, tiles, mirrors and doors! Amazon, $59.95

The Upside Down Corner Christmas Tree

This 4-foot tree attaches to your ceiling, allowing more room in less-spacious areas for the furniture and decorations underneath. The lifelike tips are made of PVC, and it is pre-strung with bright white commercial lights! Hammacher, $79.95

And if you’re a DIY kind of girl, try the Ladder Tree or Wall Decoration Tree:

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