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Last night, Bravo unveiled its newest Bravo-lebrity, the young fun, Chef Roble Ali on his new reality show, “Roble & Co.” Roble’s reality series packs personality and the real rundown of running a catering business in Manhattan, New York.

The show will take you on the journey of what really happens behind the scenes when catering an event. Viewers will watch Roble throw events for New York socialites and media moguls while trying to keep it all in one piece. Everything is on the line for this to work and

HB: How where you selected for the show?

Roble Ali: I had the idea for “Roble & Company” rolling around in my head for about a year. So, I have a talent agency, they’re called Max Talent & they took it to this production company, called Redline Productions, who produces the show. We all shared this creative meeting and I shared the idea of “Roble & Company” with them; a couple of months later I had a deal with Bravo.  That was about a year ago and that is the same show that is now called “Chef Roble & Company.” It happened really quick and it’s pretty painless.

HB: Did you have any reservations about being on the show and letting people in to your personal life.

Roble Ali: Not to me, I wasn’t hesitant at all, it’s what I wanted to do. It was more like ‘lets go,’ I want to get it going, I was the opposite of hesitant.

HB: On the previews we see you cater for Kandi Burruss, how was that experience? Did she sing to you?

Roble Ali: I heard her sing at the event, she is a sweetheart, she is not diva-ish at all. She is like like the girl from up the block, she is mad cool. I talk to her off the record. I was on the phone with her last week and we were just kicking it, (no pun intended) just kickin’ it. I cant say enough good things about her, she’s a real sweetheart.

HB: What are some difficulties you face catering for celebrity clients?

Roble Ali: When I’m catering for a client, my job is to make them a guest at their event, they shouldn’t have to worry.  Some clients are really overbearing and people think they know what they want, but they really don’t. It’s a lot easier when your clients trust you. We are professionals, we know what we are doing and we are here to make your day great.

HB: How do you handle bad requests from your clients?

Roble Ali: I always politely suggest. If I see something as a problem or explain why I see this is a problem from what they’re asking for; it’s up to them whether or not they take my advice.

HB: Are the cameras with you 24/7?

Roble Ali: No, its not like Big Brother or anybody living with me. But when they are around, when I’m preparing for an event, I have to make sure they have the opportunity to capture all the good stuff, so we have a good TV show. I have to coordinate with them and I’m not used to having to coordinate with anybody. It slows down my process sometimes, it puts me behind the eight ball.

HB: What are your favorite holiday dishes?

Roble Ali: I don’t do anything traditional for Christmas. When I was growing up Christmas dinner was identical to thanksgiving dinner. When I do Christmas dinner, I’ma do something that is out of here. So I might take a chicken and hit them with a Chinese fire spice and roast ’em or serve ’em with some stew; I do all different kinds of stuff.

HB: Cook anything but turkey, right?

Roble Ali: Yeah, you just did turkey a month ago, why do you want to do turkey again?

HB: In a clip of the show you are seen telling your sister “there’s no crying in catering.” Are there lot’s of moments like this working with her?

Roble Ali: Yeah, she is very emotional, I am tying to toughen her up. I just couldn’t believe that she was crying, that was alien to me, I’ve never seen somebody cry in the kitchen before. When people cry in the kitchen, a pot has flipped over you can’t cry, you just can’t do that. So that is why I said that because I couldn’t believe it. I’m not gonna feel bad because you’re crying, not in the kitchen, I can’t stop working to do it. So you’re not gonna get a hug, but you will after the party though.

HB: Do you think your sister is getting better at managing her emotions?

Roble Ali: She’s getting there and besides that she is awesome, she is very smart and learn very fast. I’m blown away at how she’s been able to run the front of the house for my company. It’s amazing, if she just cried a little bit less everything would be okay.

HB: [Laughs] You just have no time for tears at all!

Roble Ali: You can’t cry a work, you can’t do that. It’s very unprofessional, especially when you are managing other people.

HB: As a chef, what are the benefits of working on a restaurants Menu?

Roble Ali: It depends on who you’re working with but it’s a good way to diversify yourself. When working on a menu, you can being a consultant at several places at once, as opposed to being the chef of one place. Consulting is a good way to be alive on your feet and be able to do several things at once. I consult over at Avenue, but right now I’m really trying to focus on my catering company.

Excited for Bravo’s new show Beauties?

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