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Thank God last night was a calm episode of “Love and Hip Hop”. I don’t know if I could take another beat down like last week! This week’s episode was more like the “aftermath” of the Chrissy VS Kimbella brawl that we saw on last week’s episode and we got to understand just why Chrissy popped off on Kimbella in the first place.

Chrissy wakes up the next morning after the fight with a headache because 1. Kimbella pulled out Chrissy’s clip on track and 2. She feels like she’s caused a big problem between Jimmy and Juelz. After telling Jimmy what happened between her and Juelz baby momma, she feels a little better that is until she realizes that Jimmy really isn’t paying her story too much attention. SMH.

The girls get together to try and talk about what to do next with Chrissy and Kimbella and when Yandy asks everyone why they thought Chrissy was so angry with Kimbella, no one seemed to have a valid answer except the fact that she was out of line.

Kimbella still seemed clueless as to where she went wrong after telling Emily that she “dated” Fabolous three years ago, and couldn’t understand why Chrissy would just pounce on her like that, especially since their men are like “brothers”. Yandy feels like she’s in a bad position considering that Chrissy and Kimbella are both like her sisters and Jimmy and Juelz are her clients, and she can’t mess up her money, because that’s the most important thing here, right?

Kimbella and Emily decide to sit down and try to hash things out. Kimbella explains to Emily that she was unaware of her and Fabolous’ relationship when they supposedly “dated” but Emily makes it clear to her that they didn’t actually date, unless she considers one night after the club a date (ouch). Their meeting goes unresolved, and the two go their separate ways.

The girls later all attend Somaya’s performance, which I won’t speak too much on and after realizing that Somaya’s pants were unbuttoned and her goodies were exposed the whole time, they were all pretty much over Somaya and her dreams of being a rapper, myself included. The DJ at the club so conveniently played Mama Jones’ single “Psychotic” and Yandy got up and did a little two-step which set Chrissy off, again. Now as much as I like Mama Jones’s single (don’t judge me), even I know now to act like I like it when Chrissy is in the room. I mean Yandy do you really want a red bottom to your skull like Kimbella? I don’t think so…

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