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Nine times out of ten, people find themselves hating on the women that are able to take their breathtaking good looks and killer physiques and create careers around them. Regular chicks from around the way who are able to date outside of their tax brackets and use that as an opportunity for their own fame and abundance should be more empowering than it is deplorable. Here are five women whose hustles can’t be knocked and one honorable mention–who if she plays her cards right–will find herself swimming in Benjamins too.

Catya Washington

Cat and Drake had a serious thing. The two met on the set of Drake’s “Best I Ever Had” video and ended up living together, even labeling their relationship “love.” They let each other go when Cat decided to go on reality show trainwreck Bad Girls Club. Anyone who chooses that type of show is after a certain type of career and dating Drake definitely made her a bit more notable than the other no-name bad girls. According to her Twitter, Cat’s a radio personality, blogger, model and CEO. She’s even got a single out. Do your thing, Cat.

Evelyn Lozada

Once the fiance of Boston Celtics all-star Antoine Walker and now the wife-to-be to New England Patriot Chad Ochocinco, it’s clear that all Evelyn does is date up. From her patented “Non-Motherf*ckin’ Factor” T-shirts to her new lipstick line Secret Kisses to her six-figure Cash Money book deal, Evelyn’s taking her career straight to the top.

Draya Michele

This model and Basketball Wives LA star was previously linked to Chris Brown. Draya screams opportunist; in fact, she was caught abandoning her child on multiple occasions to secure her spot in Hollywood’s inner circles. How exactly did Draya land a spot on the Basketball Wives cast without being a wife and/or related to basketball? Well, Draya’s snagged herself a Dallas Maverick–Deshawn Stevenson–but we’re still waiting to see her make this opportunity work for her, literally. Hopefully, Deshawn can help Draya upgrade more than her finances. She needs a few parenting tips as well.

Amber Rose

Yeezy taught her well. The come up of all come-ups, Amber’s relationship with Kanye was the envy of many, and a real Cinderella story. Amber comes from a humble beginning and chose stripping as her bread and butter before landing one of the biggest rappers of our time. After the two split, Amber bounced around to a few of Hollywood’s elite, but ended up with freshman class rapper, Wiz Khalifa. Now, Amber’s a judge on Centric’s Master of the Mix and is in the studio working on her music.

Kim Kardashian

Kim hit the scene as Paris Hilton’s best friend, but then quickly (and surprisingly) gained fame as Ray J’s plaything on their sex tape. But before that, Kim walked down the aisle at age 20 with music producer, Damon Thomas. But they two split after four years. Considering her string of famous exes – Nick Lachey, Nick Cannon, Dallas Cowboy Miles Austin, Reggie Bush and now ex-husband #2, New Jersey Nets player Kris Humphries – Kim’s love interests always seems to one-up each other. And her success is exponentially growing with no slowing down in sight. Kim’s got her outrageously successful reality series Keeping Up With the Kardashians, her DASH boutique, endorsement deals from Carl’s Jr. Balenciaga shoes and more, her ShoeDazzle website and the list goes on and on. Kim is by far the definition of dating up to boost your career.

Honorable Mention: Dollicia Bryant

Since explaining the importance of wearing red bottoms, this gorgeous video vixen has been all about elevating herself. Dollicia’s been linked to the likes of Miami Dolphin Reggie Bush, Jamie Foxx and Chris Brown. Her latest conquest? Rob Kardashian. But Dollicia, we’re still waiting to see what you do with your boyfriend upgrade.

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