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Finally, last night was the premiere episode of “Braxton Family Values” season two on WeTV! If you missed last night episode, you missed the hilarious introduction to part two of Tamar, Toni, Traci, Towanda, Trina and Mama Ev’s rise to reality stardom.

We’ve heard how the success of the first season went to Tamar’s head, and now we finally get to see the effects for ourselves as Tamar talks about her product endorsements and invitations to parties. Tamar also reveals that she is still going to pursue her solo career and may not be interested in completing the Braxton family album with the rest of her sisters. This causes a big argument between her and the rest of her sisters, including Mama Ev who was NOT having it and put Tamar in her place so quick that even I was a little nervous! Sheesh!

We also finally see Toni’s new BEAUTIFUL home in LA, which is about 10 minutes away from her sister, Tamar. Toni considers this both a gift and a curse since Tamar can just pop up over Toni’s house whenever she pleases which means catching Toni in a little rendezvous with her ex-hubby. *cue Tamar’s vocals* “I saw yo baby daddy, leaving in the caddy!”

Towanda and her children are still living in Trina’s house which causes more problems in Trina and her husband, Gabe’s relationship. In order to remain loyal to her sister, Trina refuses to tell Towanda that she has to move out causing Gabe to feel like a prisoner in his own home.

This season looks like it’s going to be amazing! In case you missed last night’s episode, check it out right here!

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