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They say three’s a charm right?  Kim Kardashian may have officially called it quits on hubby number two this morning, but we’re sure she’ll be back in the game soon looking for lucky number three.  Here are our top five contenders.

1.  Reggie Bush

Her one true love whom she dated off and on for several years. Kim was completely in love with Reggie despite their up and down relationship. It seemed that Kim was sure Reggie would propose after he won the 2010 Superbowl with the New Orleans Saints. Sadly, he did not and the couple ended up calling it quits. Reggie was the last man to have Kim’s heart before rent-a-Kris popped up on the scene. We have our eye out for a reconciliation.

2. Cristiano Ronaldo

Kim was rumored to be dating Portuguese soccer star Cristiana Ronaldo back in the spring of 2010 after her split from Reggie. The couple was spotted smooching and shopping overseas and were even reported to be “dating” as opposed to just “hanging out”. We’re not sure if these two every really liked each other but it would give Kim an excuse to get out of the country and she could definitely use a getaway about now.

3.  Kanye West

Kim and Kanye were spotted hanging out in New York last year and of course the rumors began to swirl. We don’t think they ever dated but how fun it would be to call them “Kimye”? We also think their joint obsessions with fame would cancel out any significant lifestyle differences. They both enjoy spending excessive amounts of money on luxury goods and we all know Kanye has a thing for light-skinned girls with big booties. Definitely some potential here.

4.  Tyler Perry

You know who’s richer than Kim Kardashian? Tyler Perry. This could be an amazing “beard” situation. Tyler Perry would add on to Kim’s lavish lifestyle and Kim could temper the speculation that Perry is gay. They’re both working with minimal talent but together they could help validate each others lackluster abilities by focusing on how rich they are.

5.  Bill Maher

It just has his name written all over it.  See Karrine Steffans for more information.

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