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Think lung cancer is an equal-opportunity ailment? Not so, says a new study.

[From Daily Mail]

Women are more vulnerable to the deadly side effects of smoking than men, a lung cancer study found.

Research into patients with the disease found women tended to be diagnosed at a younger age than men – even though they had smoked fewer cigarettes.

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They were also more likely to develop one of the most common forms of the cancer, researchers said.

It adds to the growing pile of evidence suggesting that women are more vulnerable to the cancer-causing chemicals, or carcinogens, in tobacco than men.

The study looked at 683 lung cancer patients treated at a Swiss clinic between 2000 and 2005. It found that female smokers were statistically most likely to develop adenocarcinoma – a common form of lung cancer – and were more likely to be diagnosed with the disease at an earlier age.

Study leader Dr Martin Frueh, from St Gallen Canton Hospital in Switzerland, said: ‘Our findings suggest that women may have an increased susceptibility to tobacco carcinogens.’

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