Have you ever heard all of those success stories with online dating, only to shy away from it when it comes to your own life? Maybe you just don’t have a good grip on the rules! According to trusted sources, finding a mate via computer isn’t as bad as you might think. The Frisky has a list of dos and don’ts when it comes to computer love, and we’re going to share a few with you, below.

[From The Frisky]

Do post a flattering recent photo of yourself that actually looks like you. Resist the urge to post the one photo you have that was taken in fantastic lighting and from a certain angle that makes you look a little bit like Angelina Jolie. Post the picture of you taken in fantastic lighting and from a great angle that looks like you – the you that people can expect to show up on a date.

Don’t use cliches in your profile. You like music and having fun? Great – so does everyone! If your idea of fun means flying kites, riding in bike races, and searching your city for the best imported Belgium beer, say that. Being specific gives people a better idea of your mutual compatibility, and it provides great conversation starters and ideas for dates.

Don’t bother responding to winks or messages from anyone that you aren’t interested in pursuing. If you haven’t gone out with a person yet, you don’t owe him or her a “sorry, but I’m not interested” message. Not responding will get the message across fine – and probably won’t sting as much.

Don’t e-stalk a potential match. Just because you can find out almost everything about a person online these days, doesn’t mean you should. Following someone’s every online move is creepy and unhealthy. Let him share things about himself the old-fashioned way, and you won’t risk making presumptions about him that may not be true or inadvertently reveal that you know something you shouldn’t.

Don’t go out with someone simply for “practice.” Only go out with people you think you could be attracted to, physically and intellectually. Dating someone you aren’t into for practice is like cooking a recipe you know you hate. You’ll dirty your dishes, but you won’t have anything to eat.

Do keep the email exchanges flirty, witty, and brief. A paragraph or two, sharing a funny anecdote or responding to something he or she shared with you is plenty. Save the life story for your memoir-or at least the third date.

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