Model Jessica White continues to champion her cause for celibacy. The Sports Illustrated stunner who has been linked with Oscar-winning actor Sean Penn, says she’s putting her goodies away until someone worthy comes along. Our girl necolebitchie recently caught up with the stunner for a very candid and personal interview and she revealed some of her past pain and heartache which brought her to a place of enlightenment:

She says she wants women to realize the power of their lady parts:

“I’m not saying it so that all women can rally behind me and say, Okay, yeah a vow of celibacy,’” White says. “I’m basically saying this to give women the strength to understand that we do connect physically too soon at times and it isn’t worth it. Make the man wait and if he’s worth it then he will wait for you. There’s no greater power in the world than that of a woman’s vagina. You hold the key to everything! Women, we are so strong! It took me so long to figure that out but I realized just how strong a woman is. The sensuality and the power that we have if we withhold you can get that man to do whatever you want him to.”

The ladies here at HB are definitely feeling Jessica on this on and even though some of us haven’t taken an official “vow,” ladies you definitely need to switching up your approach to dating and interacting with men if you want a long-standing healthy relationship.

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