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Last night was the second episode of this season of, “The Ultimate Merger” on TV One. Top Model, Tocarra, just doesn’t know what she has gotten herself into as she is the object of the affection of 14 fine men as they compete for her love. After being introduced to all the men on the first episode, it’s now time to put these men to the test and see who will win Tocarra’s heart.

On last night’s episode, the guys had a roller derby challenge where the losers had to face the hot seat during elimination time. The drama really started heating up as Eric starts digging himself into a HUGE hole. He tells cameras that he likes calling his girls “b*tches” and then gets defensive when the other men in the house check him about it! Is it just me, or is anyone else a little confused by this whole situation? Does he REALLY think that he will win Tocarra’s heart by calling  women out of their name? SMH

If that wasn’t enough drama for you, Chris and Ron released the tension they have toward each other and go at it! Things get really heated when they step in each others face and they threaten to fight. When Tocarra asks Ron about the situation during elimination, he can’t give her a straight answer, which really makes Tocarra mad! Enough to put him in the hot seat! Check out a clip from that scene below!

Elijah, Nick and Ron faced the hot seat in elimination, Ron because he failed to tell Tocarra the situation that occurred between him and Chris and Elijah and Nick due to the fact that they lost during the roller derby competition. It was then brought up during elimination that Eric currently has a girlfriend and that he enjoys calling women “b*tches” which really pisses Tocarra off and leads her to replace Nick with Eric in the hot seat. After an intense debate, it is decided that Eric will go home due to his temper, disrespect for women and the possibility of him having a current girlfriend! Why would he even think about going on the show with a current girlfriend?! Good thing he got eliminated because I couldn’t take his mouth too much longer!

In case you missed the full episode, check it out here!

All that drama! I can’t wait to watch it next Thursday on TV One! Follow me on Twitter and tweet me during the show, I love to hear what you think!! @xoxoSHAR

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