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Last night, I indulged in my weekly guilty pleasure better known as “Basketball Wives”.  Although this episode wasn’t filled with as many fights, throwing of drinks or drama as last week’s episode, there were still a bunch of WTF moments throughout the show.

Between Meeka deciding not to return for the rest of the season after Tami laid the smack down on her during last week’s episode; Royce meeting with Jennifer’s ex-husband Eric to discuss his new “movie”; Suzie having diarrhea of the mouth AGAIN and starting drama between Jenn and Royce over the movie; Eveyln’s daughter graduating from high school (in which she looked gorgeous by the way); Chad Ochocinco’s surprise visit;  Jennifer inviting her date to her “divorce party” and the meeting between Jennifer and Royce that never went down, I was thoroughly glued to my television set and Twitter page to see it all go down in real time.

It wouldn’t be right if I didn’t have a bunch “side eye” moments from this week’s episode, so I’ve decided to list them here. Maybe you can provide me with a logical explanation!

1. Did anyone notice that Chad Ochocinco didn’t know that Evelyn was engaged to be married twice before dating him? I mean, if you’re dating someone for about a year and plan to marry them, shouldn’t that come up in a conversation at least once? That’s a pretty big deal, don’t you think? On a lighter note, he’s pretty accepting of her past and seems to be a good boyfriend to Evelyn, and I thought their date on the beach was super cute!

2. Why did Suzie feel the need to inform Jennifer that Royce wanted to meet up with her to discuss the situation with Eric before Royce had the chance to approach Jennifer herself? We all know that Suzie has THEE hugest mouth on the planet, but come on, was that necessary to talk about?

3. Why is Eric targeting all of Jennifer’s “friends” to be apart of his movie? And furthermore, why is he doing a movie in the first place? And what is this movie even about?

4. Why did Jennifer and Royce agree to meet up in the first place if Jennifer was just going to show up to tell Suzie that she didn’t have anything to say to Royce and leave before she got there?

5. At what point did Royce decide she wanted to be an actress? All this time I thought her dream was to be a dancer?

6. Was anyone else uncomfortable by that EXTREME public display of affection between Ev and Chad? I’m all for couples in love and showing affection but licking each other in public is just too much.

With that being said, I loved this week’s episode of “Basketball Wives” including all the drama, WTF moments and buffoonery. On next week’s episode, it looks like Jenn and Eric finally have a face to face meeting which ends with Eric throwing a drink in Jenn’s face! SMH I can’t wait to watch!

Keep in touch with me on Twitter @xoxoSHAR and Tweet me during next week’s episode. I want to hear your feedback while the show airs!

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