After finally snagging her lifelong crush, Blake Lively may have been dumped by heartthrob Leonardo DiCaprio. The couple were moving in the right direction, until she met his mother Irmelin DiCaprio!  DiCaprio who is known as a mama’s boy took the actress to meet his mom and let’s just say things did not go well. Blake was so nervous about meeting her future mother-in-law she blew it by what else…talking about herself!

Apparently she was so nervous she spent the entire time talking about her role on Gossip Girl and being a Chanel model. C’mon Blake, you’re supposed to let mom know how wonderful her son is, DUH!!

Mama was like oh hell no… Irmelin supposedly told her son, you could do better than this.Leo took mama’s advice and told Blake, I’m outta here… I need my space.


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