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Beyonce 4 Promo Pic Red RopesBeyonce’s “4” has been rotating in the playlist of many, but what six songs do it for you? Read on to find out how to get the most mileage out of her new album.

Track 3: I Miss You. The scene: an empty room, lit candles on the dinner table, cheesecake for dessert. You are now sitting across from your baby. Slowly raise the volume on your iHome or stereo system. Beyonce’s voice starts filling the room and you lean into your boo, give a kiss and whisper “I miss you.” This is a romantic song and will be the best scapegoat to tell your special one how you feel if you’re not always the most expressive with words.

Track 6: Rather Die Young. Turn this up when you’re driving with the top down and your hair is blowing in the wind. Live and love fast. Beyonce is singing about a dangerous love; and she does it without looking back. Play this and think about the kind of love you want, the love that makes you feel youthful. Don’t worry, this’ll work if you’re walking to the subway and that underground gust of wind blows your hair, too. Hey, we all don’t have convertibles like the Queen B.

Track 7: Start Over. Put this on when you are mad at the boo you are exclusively dating. (WARNING: Don’t play it thinking of your ex! Do not move BACKWARDS!) It gives you the power to erase an error and give love another try. Beyonce sings it with all her might and gets raspy at some parts from the level of passion emitted. If you’re thinking about that fight, but you still haven’t called it quits, play this and play this loud! Send him a copy too, or perform it for him in your best Beyonce gear. Good luck and give it another try!

Track 10: End of Time. Cleaning, hitting the gym, running for the bus – play this song when you’re being active! It gives you an extra pep in your step. It also gives you another chance to think about that anybody special in your life: “Come take my hand / I won’t let you go / I’ll be your friend / I will love you so deeply” Bey really keeps you moving with this record and makes the day seem so much brighter!

Track 12: Who Runs The World. When waiting for the train on your way to work, school, internship or to even see your dinner date, this song will get you there. Whenever I’m on the subway blasting this into my earbuds, I pump my shoulders, bounce my knees and get giddy. It makes me feel powerful in my summer dress while amongst all these men in suits. Beyonce made it for us women to get hyped, even if we don’t literally run the world, we can pretend for 3:58 seconds and acknowledge the power we do have. “Strong enough to bare these children, then get back to bidness!” (So Bey, when will you have yours?!)

Track 11: I Was Here. This track will make you declare your purpose. Crank up the volume if you are in a major transition in your life. For my recent school grads or for those who have just changed careers, quietly play it while sitting outside and reflect on your accomplishments and where you want to go. This is all I do when listening to Beyonce hits those high notes:”I will leave my mark so everyone will know: I was here.” Beyonce has made her mark as a music and fashion icon. The real question is: how will we make ours? Pump up the self-reflection music because I WAS HERE!

What tip will you be trying? Sound off!

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