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Your eyes are your face’s most prominent feature. Eye shadow contours, eyeliner defines and mascara adds length and drama to your lashes.

Here are some tips on how to choose eye shadows for every skin tone:

1) If you have darker skin, accentuate your eyes with shadows and liners whose colors are richer and deeper in intensity.

2) Enhance a warm complexion with shadows that range between soft orange and rust, from honey to cinnamon. Choose liners that are soft to rich brown, and opt for brown or brown- black mascara.

3 mascara tips you should know.

3) Complement cooler complexions with shadows in varying shades of blue, purple and pink. Go with liners that are slate gray to soft purple, and wear black or dark gray mascara. Green flatters skin that has both warm and cool undertones. Blue-greens complement cooler complexions, and brownish, earthy greens enhance warmer ones.

4) Add glamour to a warm complexion with coppery or golden shadow. Pearly purple or silvery blue shadows will glamorize a cooler skin tone.

How to achieve the smoky eye.

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