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Rihanna’s “Man Down” video has been released and I love it. As a fan of her Caribbean-style of music single choices, “Man Down” gives the strong vibe of coconut milk and the freedom of walking on the beach anytime of day.

For those that have not seen the video, she literally kills a man on his way to his train while she hides in a secluded area. Does this sound like a perfect murder scene or what? Hats off to the director, Anthony Mandler.

The killing comes at the 25-second mark of the “Man Down” video and raises the questions: Was it too violent? And does gender bias play a role in her being able to shoot a man in an opening scene?

“Man Down” spoke for women who have been raped. It speaks for women who have been told they “asked for it” with what they have worn, and for women who were threatened to keep the abuse between her and her abuser.  The video speaks up metaphorically for the silence women endure when it comes to being sexually abused. It tells them that they no longer have to suffer.

Instead of sulking in the corner of her home and harboring a horrific incident, Rihanna took power of her life, her sexuality, and put pride back into being a woman.  “Man Down” is more than Rihanna shooting a man from a balcony, but a video of a character who took action (although shooting is not best in the real world).

As a viewer and a woman, I felt proud watching “Man Down” and justified as she took back power for herself and for all the women who have been wronged. The video reminded me that women should not apologize for their sexuality and being attractive.

Ladies, if you want to dress up and go dancing to forget about your ex-boyfriend, fiance, or ex-girlfriend you should and not be ashamed; shame is on the man who wants to abuse you after you have said “no.” Gender bias, goodbye!

Does Rihanna’s “Man Down” Video Display A Double Standard?

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