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You might be one of those sun-worshipping folk who isn’t swayed easily by the phrase,”wear sunscreen daily.” You might even be guilty of thinking that black people don’t need sunscreen because black skin doesn’t get damaged from the sun –  you wouldn’t be the first person and you certainly won’t be the last, however, after reading this you’ll hopefully come to the conclusion that sunscreen isn’t on reserve for just white people, but that every race is responsible for protecting their skin from the suns harsh aging aging and burning rays via SPF.

Here are two downsides of not wearing sunscreen over a prolonged period of time:

Reason #1

Sun exposure aggravates existing acne breakouts and slows down the healing of wounds, therefore, taking them longer to disappear and raising the chances of permanent scarring – as if black women and men need one more skin issue to contend with. So what begs the question is can people with acne wear sunscreen? Absolutely. In fact, UV Clear SPF 46 by Elta MD ($29, dermstore) helps to fight acne while it while it protects your skin from the sun.

Tip: People with acne-proned skin should look for sunscreen products that contain zinc oxide (blocks UVA & UVB rays).

Do yourself a favor and avoid one obvious pitfall – looking like this woman. Albeit an extreme example, it’s important to note that sun exposure over time with no sun protection of any kind dries and damages your skin, or worse, you could develop the mildest form of cancer – basal-cell carcinoma.

Now that you’ve been armed with more reasons to wear sunscreen, maybe you’ll become an ambassador of the sunscreen movement! And if that message doesn’t move you, then think of it this way, preserve your sexy long into the future or pay the consequences.

Check out some other sunscreen options that won’t leave you looking ashy in BODY RX: Sunscreen Hit List!

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