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Name: Channing Hargrove | Fashion/Beauty Writer

Age: 24

Call her the black Carrie Bradshaw, Channing Hargrove is a leading fashion, beauty, and culture blogger, who gives the latest “tips, tricks, and tends,” on her blog “Channing In The City”. With the latest nail polish on her nails, she types away as she contributes daily to the fashion world, through major publications such as AOL Black Voices Beauty and

She got started after obtaining a broadcasting journalism degree from Pennsylvania University, and finding herself without a job. While in search of a position, she wanted to make sure that she spent her time in a productive manner. Like most girls, she enjoyed having fashion and beauty talk amongst her friends, and decided to turn her “girl-talk” into a blog.

Understanding that New York City was the fashion and beauty capital of the world, she knew that in order to expand her career in fashion and journalism, that she would have to make her way to the Big Apple. As a result, while reading her blog, you have the pleasure of getting a glimpse of her journey to NYC. You also get the chance to explore an online portfolio of her work, as she proves to the fashion and journalism industry that she can walk in her red bottoms with the best of them.

Is a fan of Brittany from “Clumps of Mascara”, giving her respect for making her writing entertaining and personable. She also enjoys the “Glamazons Blog”, and was honored when given the opportunity to be a contributing writer.

First job was Old Navy junior year of high school.

Best work quality is that she is driven, saying that many see her work as an obsession. She agrees!

Best personal quality is that she is optimistic.

People might be surprised to know that she is a history geek, with a deep interest in Greek mythology and the Holocaust. She often goes to exhibits to further explore, and finds herself captivated by the stories and fashion of the different times.

She knew fashion was a passion when as a young girl she was her parents little personal stylist. She can remember dressing her parents for their frequent Gala events, and her mom pointing out her future fashion career.

Best thing about what she does is having the option to work remotely.

Lives by the belief that you must always stay grateful, and never complain. If you stick to this, more will come your way. Staying focused on your goals is also key.

Advises Bloggers and Fashionista’s to stay true their own style. When you have your own “voice” people are more interested in listening.

What we can expect in the future is Channing accomplishing her dream of becoming an Online Beauty Editor.

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