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Just in time for those nasty Spring showers! Hothead’s new Hand Dry Hair Towel is definitely a life saver, especially on those rainy days when you’ve just gotten your hair done and you’re hiding under everything in sight to dodge the moisture. Well, luckily, those days can finally be over.

This new towel has super-absorbent micro-fibers that absorbs wetness from your hair so quickly that it doesn’t even give your hair the chance to frizz! The towel dries your hair without roughing up the hair cuticles-which can lead to breakage. According to, this hair towel even shortens your blow dry time if you chose to squeeze your hair dry with it prior to blow drying (and we all know what using too much heat will do to our hair).

Thank God for this towel! Interested? This towel is priced at $28, and can be found on

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