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Beyonce’s song “Girls (Who Run The World)” is finally here in it’s entirety. Largely sampling Major Lazer’s “Pon de Floor,” Bey does what she does best: encourages her fellow femmes with empowerment anthems.

This is certainly not the album version – unless she’s citing Lil’ Jon as a featured guest – but you can expect drumline effects, popping and electro elements.

Now that you’ve heard it, here’s our take. Our honest first impression: “This is annoying.” And why? Here’s our analysis.

First, we understand that repetition is needed when attempting to make something catchy, but this is “girl” overload. Hearing the same phrase said a thousand times over within the first 45 seconds of a song makes us want to press “skip” unless we hear something new – like, soon!

Second, the lyrics, while perfect for a call-and-repeat chant for all her stans & followers, are structured in a way that completely lack melody. Her voice just doesn’t sound as pretty as we know it could. There’s a way to sound in control without being monotone, Bey.

Lastly, the arrangement is all over the place. As soon as we finally catch up with her speedy verse, she’s onto the bridge (we think) and then back to finishing part two of the verse (we think?). We’re not even sure what the chorus is. Or when the song will finally be over.

Our honest final impression? This track is gonna have to grow on us. And by that we mean: next single, please.

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