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Spring is the perfect time to get bold and try out a new hairstyle. What better time is there to reinvent yourself? Many of us wonder how we can achieve fabulous looks without spending tons of money in the salon. Here is a stylish hairstyle that you can do yourself in just a easy steps!

How To Achieve Hip Flip Hair in 5 steps

Step 1: Shampoo hair with Pink Oil Shampoo and Pink Oil Conditioner.

Step 2: Blow dry hair with a small amount of Pink Hair Lotion to retain moisture.

Step 3: Use a large curling iron and section hair on the diagonal or slant and lightly flip the hair, causing it to feather.

Step 4: Apply Pink Oil Spritz for a medium hold.

Step 5: Style with a large tooth comb gently breaking the curls apart. Use Luster’s Pink glosser for a maximum shine.

Maintenance: Use large rollers and set like the previous curling pattern. Use Pink Holding Spray and Pink Sheen Spray.

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