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Lesley Elliott

Crush on Shoe


Like many women, Lesley Elliott was bit by the shoe bug early on in life.  Growing up she knew she wanted to open a shoe store.  Even her essays for Columbia University’s Business School were about the budding shop she would one day open.  While matriculating through her MBA, Elliott realized online merchandise was the way of the future and a year after graduating, ShoeCrush.com was born.  “ShoeCrush is an online accessory boutique for women who love to be cute and love to find things that are different and new at a really good price,” Lesley defines her classic boutique.  “You should not go one day wearing a ShoeCrush item where people don’t stop you on the street because that’s what we do.”

The site is divided into themed categories playing on the word crush and the female love affair with shoes.  “New Crush” is for new arrivals and merchandise, “One Night Stand” is where customers will find that perfect party shoe.  The description reads: “After last night’s rendezvous, you may forget him, but he won’t forget your shoes,” it’s easy to see why it’s favorite for Elliott and shoppers alike.

“I’m always in touch with the customers,” Lesley says of her companies focus on building customer relationships. “It’s amazing, the joy people get from buying a pair of shoes. It’s like they’ve given birth to another baby or experienced some sort of monumental event in their lives!  We get pictures of customers in shoes they’ve purchased, emails of how happy they are.  We’re apart of so many people’s special days. We love that interaction and we want to continue to give the consumer our best customer service when they come to ShoeCrush.com.”

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