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Ginger Johnson and Liz Pickett are simple girls with a complex love of nail polish.  They top our list of moguls in the making and here’s what they had to say of their successful self-titled brand of nail laquer.

Why did you start Ginger & Liz?

As fans of all things cosmetics, we became experts at selecting the hottest shades from various brands but found it troublesome that one line didn’t seem to have it all.  We decided there should be one hot lifestyle brand that represents the Modern Luxe, Bohemian Babes, the Rock Glam and the Casual Chic so we created the Ginger + Liz Colour Collection. Our goal was to create a fashion conscious high quality line of nail lacquer that is long lasting, rich in color, fast drying, and chip resistant.  And, since we truly believe that beauty starts on the inside we wanted our brand to place an emphasis on nail health in addition to fashion trends — hence our product being vegan friendly and toxin free.  It’s important to us that women know that the condition of our natural nails are a window to our overall health.

Are you friends, business partners or both?

We were introduced by a sibling and a close college friend.  We are both admittedly product junkies (from skincare to hair care to fragrance) but our friendship fast became an unbreakable bond when we discovered that we both have an irreparable addiction to nail lacquer!  We had that “aha!” moment when Liz stopped by one day while I was in the middle of digging through bins of nail polish looking for a perfect purple.  We got started that very weekend and haven’t stopped since! We are fortunate that we have such a smooth working relationship and maintain a close-knit friendship as well.

Color coded

Our inspiration comes from people watching in the streets of Manhattan, our personal lives, the personalities of our customers, from display windows of department stores, and even from the colour of foods. The colour of “Hold The Drama” was inspired by a barrel of eggplants in an Italian market on Arthur Ave in the Bronx and the name came from our commitment to stay drama free. The name of our creamy bright orange, “Keep Me Interested”, was inspired by the boring dates we’ve had in our lives. And, the name of one of our most popular colours, Swagger, was inspired by the effortlessly cool ladies we know that proudly strut their stuff…they don’t do a lot to be noticed but still command attention. We live for producing unique fashion forward colours that are bold yet classic and can be instantly recognized as Ginger + Liz colours. Naming the colours is one of the most exciting aspects of the production process.

Their favorites

Ginger: Show Off is one of my all time Ginger + Liz favs and of course I love Got My Groove Back.

Liz: I am in love with our new spring shade Welcome To My Jungle! It compliments the neutral colors and floral prints that are big this Spring.

Trend Alert!

Bright shades of blues, purples, corals, and even yellow are appearing earlier this year.  A newer trend that we are loving is pastel metallics, it has a playfully sophisticated finish.  Nail designs, accent nails in particular, will still be popular with risk takers this season.  Nail lacquer colours, designs, appliques, etc are all a way for women to express themselves so anything goes really.

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